Manager Portfolio

Hey, I'm Andy

I’m a UX Leader who has built multiple product design organizations. My experience is mainly around ecommerce, with experience in both the fashion and automotive industries. I’ve built teams in two different styles: Generalists – Mainly hiring designers that can do everything from research to testing to design. OR Specialists – Hiring for specific roles (Visual Designer, Interaction Designer, Researcher, etc.).


I’m a UX Leader who built a team of designers and researchers for a security company. After a year I also added a UX Engineer to the team. I led my team to create interactive workshops and educational content to help non-designers. I set a vision – I wanted my team to help their counterparts focus on real problems. This process was slow but worthwhile. We were able to benefit the entire company through our relationship-building and guidance.

Prior to that, I had 10 years of experience building websites, apps, and digital products. My focus during that time was interaction design, information architecture, qualitative research, product strategy, facilitating workshops and group alignment. My background in teaching UX allows me to help both for my direct reports and cross-functional partners.

Below are some projects that I’ve worked on while managing a UX team. Below that, I’ve written out the values I’m looking for in an organization. If you want to see my work before, go to my consulting portfolio. To see my written resume, go here.

General Sociology

Courses on the history of psychology generally begin with the subject ancient philosophical origins.

Methodology Research

Cognitive psychology involves the study of internal mental processes all of the things that go on.

Cognitive Psychology

While course requirements may vary from one school to the next, most experimental psychology.

Social Psychology

Introduction to the history of psychology and the scientific study of the human mind.

General Pedagogy

A course in physiological psychology serves as a good introduction to the field of neuropsychology.

History of Humanities

It may seem overwhelming at first, due to the sheer volume of information you will learn